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Church History

The journey began at the Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Galveston, Texas.  Young Melvin Bouldin, Jr. was baptized by Pastor Ford.  Singing in the youth choir, Melvin Bouldin, Jr. had a strict upbringing from two grandmothers who were staunch Christian women, a mother who was also a very devout Christian and a father who as a deacon in the church.  Growing up, Melvin began singing in a family gospel group with his parents.  Meanwhile, young Fanny Padio, grew up in LaMarque, Texas and was raised in the Queen of Peace Catholic Church.  Fanny, also being raised by two devout Christian parents, continued her journey through Catholicism.


In 1980, the two met in high school and began their journey together.  The Bouldins’ began their family and brought their three children up at the Greater Mount Calvary Baptist Church and in 1986 later moved their membership to the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church where they were all involved in the various church ministries and departments.  Much spiritual growth took place inside the entire family while service at Progressive under the leadership of Pastor’s Matthews, Wingate, Lewis, and Stevens.  Under the leadership of Pastor Paul Wingate, Sr., Melvin Bouldin Jr. was ordained as a Deacon.  In 2004, the Bouldin family became members of The Spirit and Truth Worship Center in League City under the leadership of Pastors Edwin and Alma Bamberg.  The family continued to grow spiritually, as well as numerally. The children and now grandchildren were very involved in the various ministries at Spirit and Truth.  In 2009, the family moved to The Carpenter’s House in LaMarque, Texas .  During their duration at the Carpenter’s House, the family continued to be very involved and supportive in the various ministries.  By this time the family had increased greatly with a total of 11 grandchildren, who were all involved in the youth ministry.


In January of 2015, Melvin Bouldin, Jr., who was now Elder Bouldin, had a dream.  In that dream,  Elder Bouldin was that he would be Pastor of a church.   Bouldin didn’t pay much attention to the dream and didn’t tell anyone about the dream.  A few days later, Fanny had the almost exact dream about Elder Bouldin being told that he would be Pastor of a church.  When Fanny told Melvin her dream, Melvin told her that he had the almost exact same dream a few days earlier.


A few months later around August of 2015, Elder Melvin had a meeting with his Pastor, Dr. Regi Pope and told Pastor Pope about the dream.  Elder Bouldin told Pastor Pope that he felt God was telling him to get ready  to Pastor a church, maybe the same church that was in his and Fanny’s dream.  Elder Bouldin met with Pastor Pope once again in the summer of 2016, and told him that he was feeling that the Lord wanted him to start a church in either March or July of 2017.  Pastor Pope prayed for Melvin and gave him his blessings.  
On August 22, 2017, Elder Bouldin had a dream and the dream showed that the Bouldin family would be starting a church.  When he woke up from the dream, being somewhat disturbed, he began praying to God to show him what that dream meant and to give him a sign if it’s time for the family to leave.


Later, the same morning of August 22, 2017, Elder Bouldin received a Message from a Prophetess telling him it was time to start the ministry God has given him.  Elder Bouldin texted his family to tell them about the dream and the prophetic message from the Prophetess.  He told them that based on the dream that God gave him and the prophetic message from God through the Prophetess, it is time to start the Church.  He didn’t have a name for the church at this time, but God was about to give him that as well.
Elder Bouldin met with Pastor Pope on evening of August 23, 2017, and told him about the dream and the prophetic message.  Pastor Pope gave Bouldin his blessings and offered to help and give advice continually.  Elder Bouldin told Pastor Pope that the move would happen the next few weeks, before the end of 2017.  He felt that the Lord was compelling them to start before 2017 ended.


The dream, a prophetic message, and the call from God to start the church all transpired on August 22, 2018.  Hurricane Harvey made landfall just 3 days later, August 25, 2018, and devastated Galveston County and much of the Texas Coast.  Because of the devastation in this area and the displacement of many family and residents, the news of beginning a new church was delayed to the congregation of The Carpenter's House.  The announcement was made in mid-September during a church service.  The members of TCH were very excited and supportive.


On Sunday, September 3, 2018, during the morning worship service at TCH, the Lord continued to reveal the scriptural phrase, “Whosoever Will” to Elder Bouldin during the Sunday School, Worship Service, and at the Salvation Army Service.  The phrase “Whosoever Will” continued to be placed in Bouldin’s spirit by the Holy Spirit.  Through much prayer and petition, the name of the Church was given by God and Whosoever Will Worship Ministries became the name of the Church.  The location of the church was chosen to be at 429 Bayou Road where the former Bouldin’s Bundle of Bears Daycare had been located for the past 9 years.


On October 29, 2018, Pastor Pope and the TCH congregation gave The Bouldin family an awesome going away service and were very supportive in their prayers, monetary giving, words of encouragement, and other means of support.  On Sunday, November 5, 2017, Whosoever Will Worship Ministries opened its doors and had their first church service at 429 Bayou Road in LaMarque, Texas.  The entire Bouldin, Spoons, Elliott, and Padio families attended the service along with other families.  Approximately 25 individuals attended the first service but the Lord added to the church weekly.  Whosoever Will Worship Ministries now has about 75 members and continues to grow. 

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